Saturday, March 15, 2008

Virtuous Species: The Biological Origins of Human Morality: An Interview with Frans de Waal

Human morality springs from evolutionary foundations that were handed down from our pre-human ancestors and can still be seen today in our primate cousins, says noted zoologist Frans de Waal. But these foundations use compassion and caring as well as competition to achieve their evolutionary ends, giving us a more free and flexible vision of human nature, he says in this exclusive interview with Science & Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

OK, exactly. Short, simple and, it seems, very close to reality. Should be taught in all schools as a basics for morality, and for all people - as a basics for understanding others and ourselves.Thease basic notions show a way for mankind's future development.

btw, about nature and nurture - they should't be added, but - multiplied. Using this notion we can realize how we can change ourselves.